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Aureole Technologies is a product engineering and services company which believes in transforming business and making them future ready with innovation, technology and domain expertise. We collaborate with our clients to analyse the business problems and provide the best course of action to make the business better. We offer end to end product engineering services from consulting, product designing,  embedded software development, application development, product verification & validation.

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Expert analysis
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Customized solutions
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Flexible engagement models


We offer solution engineering services  to ODM’s (Original Design Manufacturers), Enterprises (B2B & B2C), start-up & manufacturing Industries to create, build & maintain products, systems comprising of – hardware/electrical/mechanical component designing & assembling/packaging, full software stack design and implementation

Understanding your requirements with expert analysis and providing expert opinion for a feasible solution

  • Define Problem statement·

  • Technology and hardware platform selection and trade-off analysis·

  • New technology adoption strategy·

  • Product portfolio rationalization·

  • Data analytics Strategy and technology selection·

  • Right engagement model that suits client’s business objectives

New development

Transforming an idea into reality requires knowledge, expertise, and commitment. We share your vision to give you a comprehensive product right from product ideation to design and deployment.

  • Product Ideation and Conceptualization·

  • Concept to Product realization·

  • Minimum Viable Product(MVP)·

  • Prototyping, Testing and Pilot Production·

  • Beta Testing & Go-to-market·

  • Design transfer, Pilot production and Production support

Sustenance & Support
We manage post deployment support as well as maintenance solution allowing continuous operations

  • 24×7 SLA based Technical Support.

  • Incident Management, Service Requests, Feature Enhancements, Defect tracking and bug fixing.

  • Maintenance releases

WeRe-engineering a solution to suit newer needs and functionalities, and thus creating a scalable solution.

  • Re-development and Re-engineering solutions.

    • Enhance Perfomance

    • Multiple Platform porting.

  • Develop roadmaps to leverage digital/modern technologies.

  • Upgrade and transform existing solutions/products to embrace cloud-native architectures & customer experience.

Verification & validation
We manage all aspects of testing from- Test plan design, embedded system design, test automation and scripting, compatibility and interoperability, compliance testing, and regression testing.

Functional testing Services: Unit testing, Smoke testing, Integration testing, Regression testing, System testing, Black box testing.

Non functional testing: Usability, accesibility testing & analysis, Smoke testing, Security testing, Perfomance testing, Globalization/ Localization testing.

Our expertise

   TI, STM32, ARM, Raspberry Pi, 8051, NRF 
  TI RTOS, ARM Mbed, Linux, Windows, Android  
Device drivers, peripherals & IO devices, RAM & flash based file devices, sensor drivers, low power wireless devices.         
  I2C, SPI, UART, USB, TCP/IP, UDP, MQTT, Https, BLE, WiFi, LoRA,         GPS-RTK 
Hardware tools  
 ICE, JTAG, Flash Programmer, SWD, Logic analyzer, spectrum   analyser, Oscilloscope.                     
Software tools   
 TI CCS Toolchain, Kiel Vision, Eclipse, MS Visual studio, ARM   Toolchain, GCC C/C++ compiler, STM 32 Cube. 
  Dot Net, Java, Python, PHP, Node.JS, Oracle, MySQL, Angular  

Products & Solutions

Electrical surge 
Digital signal processing based customizable electrical surge detectors
Industrial IoT sensors 
IoT based smart sensors for real-time condition monitoring and data analytics
IoT enabled
tracking systems
IoT based material, asset and people tracking solution with real-time triggers
Simulation software
Real-time physical object simulator enabling easier, space effective & safe methods for checking controllers 
management tool 
IoT based smart productivity tracker and reporting tool
Vision based 
Camera based solutions for detection & tracking various objects
Smart factory
End-to-end manufacturing & supply chain digitization
Smart switches
Smart switches for automated start and stop of operations based on set criteria.


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Embedded firmware

  • Custom IoT solutions

  • Board Bring-up, BSP, device driver and firmware development

  • Design and development of device drivers and diagnostics

  • Boot loader development / BIOS customization

  • Board support package (BSP) development for a variety of processor architectures light weight/special purpose RTOS)

  • PPC, ARM, x86 & OS families, Linux, VxWorks, Android, FreeRTOS & otherRTOS based application development

  • OS Porting & Migration– Android, Linux, Windows, QNX

  • New processor platform adoption / firm ware migration

  • Protocol stack porting / integration

  • Performance Tuning – Latency, boot-time, throughput

  • Power and footprint optimization

  • Modem and sensor integration for IoT / M2M connectivity enablement

  • Embedded systems UI design and usability engineering

  • Communication protocols- wired and wireless

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Embedded hardware

  • Hardware designing starting schematic design, bill of material finalization, printed circuit board (PCB) design

  • Hardware design ranges from small-footprint, power-optimized solutions tohigh-end, rugged systems built aroundvarious embedded processors and DSPs

  • Prototyping PCB fabrication & assembly

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Enterprise solutions

  • Application software development/ porting/integration

  • Feature enhanecment

  • UX/UI design

  • Mobile application development

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Verification & validation

  • Engineering validation tests porting/integration

  • Design verification tests

  • Test and diagnostic software

  • Automated system testing

  • Production test automation

  • Software verification

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  • CE, FCC, Ingress Protection (IP), DO-254,DO-178, DO-160

  • DEMI/ EMC and Regulatory certifications: CE,FCC, RoHS, ESD, safety, environmental tests

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Industrial Design

Industrial design services to products that needs better ergonomic and aesthetic factorsto get optimal usability andefficiency.

  • Form creation & styling/aesthetics

  • Ruggedised mold designs

  • IP rated designs

  • Rapid prototyping

  • 3D prototyping

Our engagement model

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We believe in bringing values to our clients by creating a long term benefit plan. We understand your business model and work with you to create successful future. 

For a sustainable engagement with our partners we provide the following : 

  • Projects- T&M, Fixed Price·

  • Extended R&D Hub- Joint Product development, Longer duration of engagement·

  • ODC (Offshore Development Centre)- Partnership, Dedicated Development Centre, Centre of Excellence, Captive centre

Industries we support

Oil & Gas